For several years Modern Ways Limited has, through the Vital brand, been committed to increasing the capacity of farmers in the health and management of their livestock. We provide training seminars for small and medium scale farmers focused on improving farm management practices in Kenya. These trainings cover subjects such as basic ruminant nutrition, basic mineral nutrition, copper and zinc deficiencies, rumen function and the importance of fodder, lameness and mastitis, calf and heifer management, calf nutrition, transition cow management and parasite control.


By giving these presentations and conducting farm visits to advise on ways to rectify problems on the farm level we provide farmers and animal health professionals with training to improve knowledge of animal health and practical farm management in the industry. We are also accredited CPD providers for the Kenya Veterinary Board and conduct numerous trainings on similar topics to animal health professionals throughout Kenya.


We pride ourself on providing quality information that supports the use and function of quality products to our customers. Whilst training is funded under the Vital brand, both Vital and Juu’go represent quality products at their respective price points and are formulated to ensure positive biological impact.